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Home Business Success Tips – A Simple Plan For Massive Internet Profits!

Posted on July 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

One of the primary secrets to home business success is simply to get serious. There are a number of people who live a care-free life and are doing well. In the main, the people who make the serious money online within their home business are those who are serious in relation to what they are doing.

Firstly you will need to create a strategy or a business plan. Lacking one, trust me, you will be fortunate if you make any money online. So start planning that is the real key to success within your online business.

Which business will suit me best? Well almost all of them work. Advertising on eBay works. Advertising information products works. You have simply got to concentrate on one business model from the beginning, and make that profitable first before moving on to another home business.

If that fails, keep in mind this: Build your mailing list. You have most likely heard a lot from all the gurus that the money is in the list. You might or might not have done anything about it. But if you do not know where to start, you could do a lot worse than creating your own mailing list for home business success

Create a complimentary email newsletter or design a complimentary PDF report. This is not complicated. The information you need is all around the web. Sign up to an autoresponder account. Build a straightforward squeeze page. Send targeted traffic to that squeeze page and then you will begin obtaining a number of subscribers within your autoresponder account. At that moment begin to market back-end promotions like affiliate products to your subscribers.

This is a trouble-free system for making money from your home business. Cease thinking, and begin doing!

Small Business Success Tips – Dependability

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Small business owners looking for a way to distinguish their business from their competition have many ways to do so. They can charge less, or advertise more, or fly a huge red weather balloon over their store. None of these choices lead to small business success.

Yes, short-term campaigns can lead to short-term success. The secret to long-term success, however, has two parts and two parts only: retaining customers, and generating customer referrals (also known as word-of-mouth). And the way to do both of those parts is to give the customer what he wants and needs.

If a customer only sometimes gets what he wants and needs, he will look elsewhere. If he gets it late, or it’s not quite right, he will look elsewhere. If you miss an appointment, or a deadline, he will look elsewhere. Customers need dependability.

This is a fast-moving world, and people work hard to keep up and get ahead. They come to you because you say you can help them: you can provide a product or service they need. You can fix their car, or paint their wall, or balance their books, or train them to succeed in business. They don’t have time to waste waiting for you, or even worse, waiting for your errors to be fixed.

Lack of dependability will destroy your small business success faster than high prices, or mediocre quality, or slow work. Customers will spend more for dependability. They will put up with mediocre (but sufficient) quality if they can count on you. They will allow for the extra day or week if they are confident you will deliver at that time.

Dependability is a rare quality. It is valuable because it is rare. Think of all the times you have been disappointed by lack of dependability, and you will find they are very frequent. Every time you have had to wait in a waiting room; every checkout clerk who has needed to call for a price check; every check that wasn’t in the mail; all these and more have made you wish you had a choice. Or when you have had a choice, you have taken it.

Your customers feel the same way about your business when the transaction is not smooth and easy and what they were expecting (or better). You can almost build your whole business on dependability! McDonald’s did.

A survey the author did in 1990 of his clients, with over 600 respondents, asked them to place speed, quality, price, and dependability in order of importance. Over fifty percent named dependability as most important. Quality came in second, then speed, then price. There is no reason to think that the responses would be any different today.

Do whatever it takes, is the lesson here. Be on time, meet your deadlines, keep your word, even if it means working all night, paying overtime, losing money on the job, or missing your golf tournament. Be dependable.

If your customers can count on you, they will.

Small business success depends on dependability.


Home Based Business Success Tips From Finding Nemo

Posted on June 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

Lessons for creating a successful home-based business sometimes come from the most unexpected places. I was watching “Finding Nemo” the other day with my son and husband (yes, we still enjoy Disney movies even though my son is 17 years old!) and I recognized some great success tips I wanted to share.

Finding Nemo Success Tip #1: Adopt a little Short Term Memory Loss

Remember Dory, the little blue fish brought to life by Ellen DeGeneres? Well Dory suffers from short term memory loss and as a result finds herself constantly living in the moment, because she often doesn’t remember what just happened.

We laugh in the movie as Dory keeps repeating herself, however the underlying lesson there is to notice how much fun Dory always seems to be having because she is so present to what is happening NOW. Even when Dory and Marlon are swallowed by the whale, Dory spends her time riding the “waves” and having fun, while Marlon frets about trying to find a way out. In the end Dory “listens” to the whale and they escape easily out of his blow hole. Hmmm, how could you apply this lesson to your life and business?

Finding Nemo Success Tip #2: Just Keep Swimming

I often say the only way to fail is to give up. I believe that “tenacity trumps talent” when it comes to building a successful home-based business, and that those who keep getting back up after they’ve been knocked down are the ones who succeed.

I love the scene in Finding Nemo when Dory in her sing-song voice tells Marlon to “just keep swimming … just keep swimming” because it’s such great advice. No matter what happens, just keep swimming and you will succeed.

Finding Nemo Success #3: The Power of a Team

Does Marlin set out to find Nemo on this own? Well, at first he does, but he quickly teams up with Dory. Then Marlin shares the story of how Nemo was taken by the diver with the other fish in the sea, who pass the word along, until it finally gets to the pelican in Australia. Eventually the pelican is the one who reunites Marlin and Nemo. Could Marlin have found Nemo this quickly on his own – I doubt it!

Remember this the next time you’re playing lone ranger, and ask yourself how would the power of a team (even if right now that means just one more person helping you) enable you to get the job done quicker?

Finding Nemo Success Tip #4: Let Go and Go with the Flow

As home-based business owners, we often work very hard to get results in our business. We think we have to figure out how to do everything, and we just expect that hard work is what it takes to succeed. The reality is, when we learn to let go, and be open to inspired ideas, and then take action on them, success comes much easier and more quickly. But we have to let go for that to happen. We have to be willing to get out of our own way and “go with the flow” so to speak, which can be scary for some of us.

Remember Crush and sea turtles riding the EAC (Eastern Australian Current)? Not only are they having fun riding the current – going with the flow! – but they get where they’re going quickly and easily! Even Squirt, the baby sea turtle, gets a short lesson in letting go and riding on his own. Marlin – who has a lot of mindset issues! – is worried, but Crush encourages Marlin to just let Squirt experience it. The result? Squirt learns how to ride the EAC and he has a blast doing it!

What are you working too hard to make happen right now? And how could you let go and go with the flow?

Finding Nemo Success Tip #5: The Power of the Mastermind

Yes, there is a great example of masterminding in Finding Nemo. When Nemo ends up in the fish tank in the dentist office, all the fish put their heads together to find a way to get Nemo out of the tank and back to the sea. They work together toward the common goal of freeing Nemo. And together they succeed. At the very end of the movie, they even succeed at getting themselves out of the tank and into the sea! Although they’re a bit stumped about what to do next! However, I have no doubt, they’ll figure that out too, together.

Just because these success tips come from a cartoon, does not make them any less valid. In fact, these are the very same strategies I’ve used to build successful business after successful business. I encourage you to give them a try. And if you haven’t seen Finding Nemo in a while, fire up the DVD player and enjoy a family movie night. Your kids will enjoy the show, and you’ll be getting some great business advice!

(C) 2009 Debbie LaChusa